Rocket Powered Surveys
About Rocket Powered Surveys
Persuadable Research, owner and operator of Rocket Powered Surveys, was founded in 1995 to provide online surveys and market research that everyone could afford. Driven by innovative technology, and fueled by a great staff, Persuadable Research quickly earned a loyal following, especially among agencies, PR firms, and consultants who recognized the importance of research to maintain current customers and win new business. Today, The Persuadables partner with clients in virtually every industry.
Our clients know and trust us. Everyone from Subway to Xerox to Cadillac knows why The Persuadables are second to none when it comes to online research. Take a look at our client list to learn more about some of the clients with which you might be taking surveys. Your opinions are important to us, and we value our relationship with all of our panelists. Please feel free to contact us directly at Persuadable Research or via Rocket Powered Surveys.
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